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Why Fake Or Substandard Waterproofing Material To Convict
Oct 12, 2016

Why fake or substandard waterproofing material to convict, but worse it? in recent years, the rapid development of building waterproofing industry. With the expanding field of building waterproof engineering construction, greatly expand the market space of building waterproofing industry. China building waterproofing Association official said, in the rapid development of the industry at the same time, lags behind some deep-rooted contradictions emerged--overcapacity, low-level repeated construction, low industrial concentration. The contradiction reflected on the market, are at the expense of the quality of products and business integrity at the cost of low price competition, lead to Jerry-building or shoddy, producing a large number of fake and does not meet national standards of waterproofing products is serious. Currently, informal enterprises with a production license in waterproofing industry capacity utilization is less than 60%, backward production technology, energy saving and environmental protection standards number of small and not too much, and most of them are backward production capacity.

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