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What Is The Appearance Of Black Spots On The Surface Of Aluminum Composited Panel?
Oct 09, 2017

In the process of the production or application of the Aluminum Composited Panel, there are sometimes dark spots on the top. What is the case? So let's do that. First of all, the material of Aluminum Composited Panel, the upper cover of aluminum composite plate made by the manufacturer of Aluminum Composited Panel is made of LF21 composite board with a thickness of 0.5mm thick. This type of Aluminum Composited Panel has a variety of similar materials, similar shapes, and other parts of the process, while the similar shapes of the same time processing parts did not have such failures. And it is not a fault of raw materials. It's on the processing technology, cover silver plating process for roughly: outgoing parts machining pretreatment ─ ─ ─ ─ galvanized zinc leaching plating copper electroplating silver ─ ─ painting 823 ─ ─ dip coating into the Treasury.

In the process of electroplating of aluminum composite plate, first, it is possible that some production link of electroplating has changed, resulting in failure. However, the investigation found that no such faults occurred in similar parts in the same period without any changes in production conditions. Therefore, the factors that change the condition of electroplating production are excluded. According to previous production experience, the most common cause of the discoloration of silverware is the influence of sulfur element on silver plating.

In the past, the silver-plated parts have not been packaged and sealed in a timely manner, and they have been placed in the electroplating factory room and caused the silver plating to turn yellow. However, after the fault parts are silvered, they are packaged in a timely manner and kept in a dry vessel, which is not affected by the air atmosphere of the factory. In the spray painting process, the paint processing of the upper cover, the record of the whole batch of repair. The most important reason is that the gap is not blocked, so that the paint fog enters and adheres to the surface of the silver-plated layer and cannot be removed. In order to prevent the occurrence of such faults, it is suggested that 3M tape will be used to seal the gap to prevent the entry of paint mist.

Through this method, find out the root cause of the problem, we will take measures to eliminate hidden danger happening again, make the surface of the Aluminum Composited Panel if brightness is new, factory rate is greatly increased.

First of all, the production of Aluminum Composited Panel is not simple. First, you want to create rules on Aluminum Composited Panel design decorative pattern is not very simple, this means that a process with much during processing, not only have increased spending on machinery and equipment, more cost more human energy, cost increase greatly; Second, formed by the surface of the decorative pattern is not only a kind of adornment beautification effect, more is to assume the anti-slip function of special use environment, like clear grain, the slip of the tire and the stronger the ability to grip.

Second, there are various types of Aluminum Composited Panel that can be used in different industries. First, the ordinary aluminum alloy plate is made of ordinary 1060 Aluminum Composited Panel as raw materials, and the production and processing cost is low, which is applicable to the cold, vehicle floor under normal conditions. Second, aluminum manganese alloy plate, aluminum manganese alloy is 3003 as the main raw material for processing and become, have a certain strength and impact resistance, have certain ability to rust and corrosion resistance, mainly applies in the middle of the train car. Third, aluminum magnesium alloy plate is 5052 or higher level of aluminum processing, and has high strength and hardness, rust and corrosion resistant ability is very strong, can be used in the ship, and even of the aerospace industry.

Finally, aluminum composite plate is a kind of metal material, which also needs to be maintained by scientific method in daily use. First, wash regularly, and clean the surface stains with water or the corresponding removing agent. The residue of the stain easily causes the corrosion distortion of the plate. Second, using professional spraying agent was carried out on the plate surface coating processing, on the one hand can give Aluminum Composited Panel to form a barrier, more effectively prevent corrosion, on the other hand can play the role of beautification adornment more, help it into better use environment.

With all walks of life for the increasing need of Aluminum Composited Panel, plank itself in the ongoing technological innovation, product of Aluminum Composited Panel it is this innovation, it makes the traditional Aluminum Composited Panel and other plate gradually fade out the market, because it has many excellent characteristics. However, the corrosion and wear of any thing in the use of the situation, still need to strengthen the maintenance work, prolong the service life.

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