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What Harm Does The Wrong Cleaning Method Have For Raw Aluminum Sheet?
Oct 09, 2017

If the user uses the wrong cleaning method will give Raw Aluminum Sheet bring the following harm to the case, but also requires attention to ensure that Raw Aluminum Sheet cleaning work carried out completely correct:
Hazard 1: Friction damage to Raw Aluminum Sheet surface. If you are cleaning Raw Aluminum Sheet when the use of a relatively rough wipe tool, then it is very easy in the process of repeated wiping the aluminum surface caused by friction damage, aluminum texture is not called soft, it is easy to scratches, Raw Aluminum Sheet Scratch is a more obvious quality problem if the surface scratches will directly affect the surface quality of the aluminum tape.
Hazard 2: Corrosion of Raw Aluminum Sheet. If you are cleaning aluminum, not using a neutral detergent but strong acid or strong alkaline detergent, it is very easy to cause non-Raw Aluminum Sheet damage caused by corrosion, resulting in Raw Aluminum Sheet characteristics and appearance changes , And if the cleaning can not be carried out after cleaning, then the aluminum belt will change color.
Hazard 3: Reduces the life of Raw Aluminum Sheet. As the wrong cleaning will cause damage to the Raw Aluminum Sheet, it will inevitably shorten the life of Raw Aluminum Sheet, resulting in Raw Aluminum Sheet can not be used for a long time. These are the wrong way to clean, so do the aluminum belt will bring harm, so we use the aluminum belt, be sure to ensure that the cleaning work is absolutely correct, to avoid the wrong cleaning to the aluminum belt adversely affected The
   Raw Aluminum Sheet in the production process in order to remove the surface oil, will be through the bending production line cleaning, but the user in the actual use of the process if there is no professional equipment is not recommended cleaning, and we use professional equipment to clean the aluminum belt is neutral Liquid, do not corrode the surface of aluminum, while cleaning will be carried out after drying to avoid oxidation of aluminum.
Typically, a series of Raw Aluminum Sheet electrolyzers are in series, the current of each cell is equal, the main parameter controlling the heat sink of the electrolytic cell is the voltage. According to the formula W = IVT, the higher the tank voltage, the higher the heat income; the lower the tank voltage, the lower the heat income. In the case of current and molecular stability, it is necessary to gradually reduce the tank voltage and reduce the heat income of the electrolytic cell to promote the crystallization of the raw material of the raw aluminum sheet.
Raw aluminum sheet Because the higher the temperature of the electrolytic cell, the higher the superheat of the electrolyte, and the formation of the furnace is in the temperature close to the initial crystallization temperature of the electrolyte, will precipitate in the side wall to form crystals, and gradually form a furnace to help. If Raw Aluminum Sheet is too thick, it is easy to melt the legs and paralyze the aluminum level, so that the current efficiency is reduced. In this case, the voltage should be raised properly, the heat income will be increased, the furnace will be thicker, Department of heat, reduce the bottom of the furnace temperature, to promote the formation of extension. The finishes should be made of finishes such as facing mortar, dotted mortar, or water-based exterior paint with outstanding breathability, so that the Raw Aluminum Sheet has its lightweight nature and its beauty The Raw Aluminum Sheet accessories are mainly used in various types of paint, on the one hand to increase the surface of the surface of the raw color of silicic acid, so that it can be applied to any environment and paint to a certain extent to its role in flame retardant and insulation.
Raw Aluminum Sheet surface degreasing and chemical treatment, the roller coated high-quality paint, dry and cured. The flatness of the surface of the film is higher than that of the spray plate. Color on the pearl and matte, the market is mostly pearlescent. Its price is higher than the spray. Rolling coating is the biggest feature is the color of the simulation is extremely high; roll coating process is very different grades, in addition to all the materials related to, there is it with several times it is related to color, such as two Tu two roll, That is, once the spray is baked once, and then spray and then roast, so the color is more even smooth, and good roll plate prices are also very expensive, color realistic, persistent strong.

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