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What Are The Different Parts Of The Pattern Of Aluminum Sheet
Aug 16, 2017

What are the different parts of the pattern of Aluminum Sheet
Pattern Aluminum Sheet production technology is not simple. Want to make a regular pattern on the Aluminum Sheet pattern is not very simple, which means that the processing process more than a process, not only added the input of machinery and equipment, more cost more human energy, cost greatly added; Second, the appearance of the pattern does not only play a decorative landscaping effect, more is to assume the special use of the environment under the anti-skid effect, as the texture of the more clear, the tire anti-skid and grip to the stronger the same.
Patterns Aluminum Sheet has many types that can be used for different occupations. Top, usually Aluminum Sheet alloy sheet, is the usual 1060 Aluminum Sheet as a material for processing, production and processing costs are relatively low, suitable for the usual conditions of the cold, the vehicle floor; second, Aluminum Sheet-manganese alloy sheet, Aluminum Sheet-manganese alloy 3003 as the primary material for processing, with a certain strength and impact resistance, there must be anti-rust and anti-corrosion ability, mainly used in the train compartment; third, Aluminum Sheet-magnesium alloy sheet, is 5052 or higher Of the Aluminum Sheet processing, with a high strength and hardness, rust and corrosion can be very strong, can be used for ships and even aerospace career side.
Pattern Aluminum Sheet is also a metal material, in the usual use of the process also need to use a scientific approach to protection. Top spot, regular cleaning, on the appearance of the stains to use the water or the corresponding cleaning agent in addition to cleaning, stains residue caused by simple corrosion of the plate; Second, the use of professional spray coating on the appearance of the film coating, on the one hand To the pattern of Aluminum Sheet to form a barrier, effectively prevent corrosion, on the other hand is able to play the effect of landscaping decoration, to help it better integrate into the use of the environment side.
With the various industries on the Aluminum Sheet sheet growing demand, the plate itself is also ongoing technological transformation, pattern Aluminum Sheet is the product of this transformation, it presents the traditional Aluminum Sheet and other sheet gradually fade out of the market, due to It has many excellent features. However, any thing in the course of the use of corrosion and wear will occur, is still the need to strengthen the maintenance operations, to extend the service life.
How to choose alloy pattern Aluminum Sheet, pattern Aluminum Sheet manufacturers to give you some ideas, if the identification of selected for their own alloy pattern Aluminum Sheet manufacturers.
The first point is the most important thing to look at raw materials, that is, Aluminum Sheet material, of course, look at the quality of the. However, the thickness of the Aluminum Sheet to be based on the installation of the use of the case, the thickness of the Aluminum Sheet of course, the strength of high strength, but the strength is not dependent on the thickness of the first, it has a certain connection with the raw materials, but at the time of installation or other requests may be space , So of course the selection of the thickness of the Aluminum Sheet is the best choice, and then the oxide film is also very important to think of this parameter as a direct impact on the appearance and life of Aluminum Sheet and so on. Not from which point of view to pick the raw materials of Aluminum Sheet but the most important thing is to pay the relevant rules of the country-based rules, and we Aluminum Sheet manufacturers to produce all the Aluminum Sheet to reach the national quality standards. The minimum wall requirements of the wall thickness of more than 1.2MM, tensile strength that is, the resistance of all Aluminum Sheet to reach 157 Newton per square. In the choice of Aluminum Sheet, please note that if the yield strength does not reach mm108 Newton per square meter, the oxide film thickness does not reach 10 microns, then it must be a new Aluminum Sheet production, the use of the decision can not be used.
The second point to see the degree of work and processing, which may be selected in the Aluminum Sheet when the ugly out, but at least look very detailed on the surface. Aluminum Sheet products are easy to install, when the interface is basically no gap. Often some manufacturers of the production of residual Aluminum Sheet products at a glance can be seen in the Aluminum Sheet processing and cutting more than the use of saw the method, rather than our Aluminum Sheet manufacturers milling processing, trimming can look at a look.
Third, of course, we are favored the offer price, offer based on the customer's selection of goods, quality, quantity, the request to set the price, pattern Aluminum Sheet manufacturers, as far as possible to meet customer needs, reasonable offer.

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