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What Are The Characteristics Of The Raw Aluminum Sheet
Jul 26, 2017

What are the characteristics of the Raw Aluminum Sheet
    I heard the name of the Raw Aluminum Sheet, I believe we can literally simple to understand it is a appearance with a pattern of aluminum sheet metal, but often the same thing and we will not hear and see so simple The So, what is the Raw Aluminum Sheet plate is not a simple local, their own what use, and how to protect the device? The same time as
First, the Raw Aluminum Sheet is very simple. Top, want to produce rules in the aluminum plate drawing pattern is not very simple, which means that the processing process more than a process, not just add the machine equipment investment, more cost more human energy, cost greatly Add to;
Second, the appearance of the composition of the pattern is not just play a decorative landscaping effect, more is to assume the special use of the environment under the anti-skid effect, as the more clear texture, tire anti-skid and grip to the stronger the same. The same time as
Second, the Raw Aluminum Sheet has a variety of types can be used for different occupations. Top, usually aluminum alloy sheet, that is, the usual 1060 aluminum plate as a material for processing, production and processing costs are relatively low, suitable for the usual conditions of indifference, vehicle floor;
Second, aluminum and manganese alloy sheet, aluminum and aluminum alloy is 3003 as the primary material for processing, with a certain strength and impact resistance, there must be anti-rust and anti-corrosion ability, mainly used in the train compartment side;
Third, aluminum-magnesium alloy sheet, is 5052 or higher level of aluminum processing, with high strength and hardness, rust and corrosion can be very strong, can be used for ships and even aerospace career side.
Finally, the Raw Aluminum Sheet is also a metal material, in the daily use of the process also need to use a scientific approach to protection. Top spot, regular cleaning, on the appearance of the stains to use the water or the corresponding cleaning agent in addition to cleaning, stains to form a simple corrosion of the plate deformation;
The electrolytic coloring of the Raw Aluminum Sheet plate has a good decorative effect, so it is widely used at home and abroad, especially in the construction of aluminum surface treatment of the most common application. At present, the main process is the use of tin - nickel mixed salt electrolysis coloring, to produce the product color to champagne - based, relative to the single nickel salt coloring, tin - nickel mixed salt electrolytic coloring products color bright, full color; Is the existence of color products, aluminum production process of extrusion process and oxidation of coloring process will lead to unreasonable product color. The influence of the extrusion process on the oxidation coloring is mainly the influence of the mold design, the Raw Aluminum Sheet plate extrusion temperature, the extrusion speed and the cooling method on the surface state and the uniformity of the extruded profile. Mold design should be able to make the material fully integrated, or prone to bright (dark) with defects, the same profile may appear on the color separation; the same time, mold state and profile surface extrusion pattern also affect the oxidation coloring. Extrusion temperature, speed, cooling and cooling time is different, so that the profile is not uniform, but also produce color.
 Anodic oxidation has a very important effect on the color difference of electrolytic coloring, especially in the vertical oxidation line production process is prone to two colors, vertical oxidation tank depth 7.5m, the upper and lower baths are prone to temperature difference, the temperature is important for anodic oxidation The pore size of the porous anodic oxide film increases, and the pore size of the porous anodic oxide film is small, and the pore size of the porous anodic oxide film is increased. In addition, the high temperature, anode oxide film porosity is high, otherwise lower. Electrolytic coloring mainly causes the metal ions of the coloring liquid to undergo electrochemical reduction on the surface of the barrier layer in the pores of the oxide film so that the metal ions in the coloring solution are deposited on the bottom of the anodic oxide film hole and the incident light is scattered And show a different color, the more deposits in the micropores, the deeper the color. An equivalent amount of metal or a metal compound is deposited on a portion where the temperature is high and low by the same amount of electricity. For a portion having a high porosity and a large surface pore diameter, the average number of deposits per hole is less The color is relatively shallow, and vice versa color, resulting in coloring material two colors. The Raw Aluminum Sheet plate in the anodic oxidation process, the impact of conductivity on the oxide film can also cause coloring material color, the problem is mainly in the horizontal production line is easy to occur, mainly due to oxidized blank before oxidation in the upper row process, pliers Material is not tight, resulting in individual material conduction bad, so that its oxide film is relatively different, and then after coloring, it will produce color.

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