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Waterproof Coating Product Choice Should Be Guided By Four Principles
Oct 12, 2016

(1) according to the local calendar year maximum temperature, minimum temperature, roof pitch and the conditions of use and other factors, you should choose the waterproof coating of heat resistance and low temperature flexibility to adapt. High temperature areas should select high heat-resistance of waterproof coating to prevent flowing; cold areas should select low temperature flexible waterproof coating, avoid cold and brittle. (2) according to the degree of deformation, structural forms, local temperature, temperature and vibration factor, you should choose suitable for tensile properties of waterproof coating. Roofing for structural deformation, elongation of the waterproof coating should be chosen to fit the deformation. (3) according to the exposure of roof waterproof coating, UV, heat retention should be selected suitable waterproofing coating. Exposed roof, UV-resistant waterproof coating should be used to improve life. (4) when roof drainage gradient is more than 25%, should be applied to dry film for too long of the waterproof coating.

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