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The Role Of Washing Cut Aluminum Sheet
Nov 01, 2017

The role of washing Cut Aluminum Sheet
Cut Aluminum Sheet is the role of washing, Cut Aluminum Sheet is a high degree of expectation of goods, in the course of the use of washing, can play a very good maintenance, extending the role of life, not the same way to bring water The role is not the same, let us briefly understand the water on the Cut Aluminum Sheet on the role and importance.
Cut Aluminum Sheet
First, chemical polishing, in order to wash off the Cut Aluminum Sheet appearance of the chemical, the best selection of the use of active water, to avoid the appearance of sticky formulations without scouring clean.
Second, remove the oil after washing, remove the appearance of the Cut Aluminum Sheet oil, try to cut the impact of oil on the appearance of goods.
Thirdly, after the neutralization of the washing, some of the preparations contained in the recumbent are required to reduce the impact of some corrosive formulations on the Cut Aluminum Sheet function.
On the appearance of the Cut Aluminum Sheet, the impact of different scouring methods is not the same, but if the erosion of unclean will bring serious corrosion of goods, so a reduction on the erosion can not be ignored.
Cut Aluminum Sheet can be divided into different categories according to different standards. According to Cut Aluminum Sheet's composition, Cut Aluminum Sheet can be divided into high-cut Cut Aluminum Sheet, Cut Cut Aluminum Sheet, Cut Aluminum Sheet, Cut Cut Aluminum Sheet and Aluminum Cut Aluminum Sheet. High purity Cut Aluminum Sheet of pure aluminum content of 99.9% or more, and pure Cut Aluminum Sheet is that it is basically made of pure aluminum made. Alloy Cut Aluminum Sheet usually contains aluminum, aluminum, aluminum, aluminum and other alloy materials; composite Cut Aluminum Sheet production is made through a variety of composite materials, and aluminum cut aluminum Sheet is Cut Aluminum Sheet Edge covered with a thin layer of Cut Aluminum Sheet. Not only that, Cut Aluminum Sheet can also be classified according to his thickness, can be divided into thin, conventional board, medium plate and thick plate. The thickness of the sheet is between 0.15 mm and 2.0 mm, the thickness of the plate is between 2.0 mm and 6.0 mm, the thickness of the plate is between 6.0 mm and 25.0 mm, and the thickness of the plate is between 25 mm and 200 mm.
Cut Aluminum Sheet After washing, it is not thoroughly washed. Alkaline washing into the hole when the lye, such as failure to rinse, oxidized alkali solution will promote the flow of the cylinder, resulting in the hole around the oxide film was corrosion. Cut around the hole around the workpiece.
Cut aluminum sheet when the tapping hole is very astringent, the operator often to Tu Qiao to lubricate, alkali washing if the lack of emulsifier in the lye, live steep is difficult to remove. From the alkaline solution in the accumulation of aluminum ions caused by the failure of a reader call to ask the workpiece after alkali etching difficult to obtain the reasons for the conductive oxide film, the conductive oxide film is difficult to form a number of factors after the exclusion, taking into account whether the alkaline solution There is too high aluminum ion problem, the other said alkaline solution is very thick But the alkalinity is not fast.
At that time, the Cut Aluminum Sheet changed the alkaline solution because the alkaline solution was used for too long to accumulate excess aluminum ions. Aluminum ions were more difficult to elute on the surface of the workpiece, affecting the contact of the aluminum surface with the conductive oxide solution To the formation of oxide film.

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