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The Role Of Cut Aluminum Sheet Washing
Oct 18, 2017

The role of Cut Aluminum Sheet washing
Cut Aluminum Sheet is the role of washing, Cut Aluminum Sheet is a high degree of expectation of goods, in the course of the use of washing, can play a very good maintenance, extending the role of life, not the same way to bring water The role is not the same, let us briefly understand the water on the Cut Aluminum Sheet on the role and importance.
Cut Aluminum Sheet
First, chemical polishing, in order to wash off the Cut Aluminum Sheet appearance of the chemical, the best selection of the use of active water, to avoid the appearance of sticky formulations without scouring clean.
Second, remove the oil after washing, remove the appearance of the Cut Aluminum Sheet oil, try to cut the impact of oil on the appearance of goods.
Thirdly, after the neutralization of the washing, some of the preparations contained in the recumbent are required to reduce the impact of some corrosive formulations on the Cut Aluminum Sheet function.
On the appearance of the Cut Aluminum Sheet, the impact of different scouring methods is not the same, but if the erosion of unclean will bring serious corrosion of goods, so a reduction on the erosion can not be ignored.
I heard the name of Cut Aluminum Sheet, I believe we can literally understand it is a kind of appearance with aluminum foil pattern, but often the same thing and we will not hear and see so simple. So, Cut Aluminum Sheet after all, what is not simple local, their own what is the use, and how to protect the device?
First, Cut Aluminum Sheet is very simple. Top, want to produce rules in the aluminum plate drawing pattern is not very simple, which means that the processing process more than a process, not just add the equipment and equipment investment, more cost more human energy, cost greatly Add to;
Second, the appearance of the composition of the pattern is not just play a decoration landscaping effect, more is to assume the special use of the environment under the anti-skid effect, as the more clear texture, tires, anti-skid and grip the stronger the same.
Second, Cut Aluminum Sheet has many types that can be used for different occupations. Top, usually aluminum alloy sheet, that is, the usual 1060 aluminum plate as a material for processing, production and processing costs are relatively low, suitable for the usual conditions of indifference, vehicle floor;
Second, aluminum-manganese alloy sheet, aluminum-manganese alloy is 3003 as the primary material for processing, with a certain strength and impact resistance, there must be anti-rust and anti-corrosion ability, mainly used in the train compartment side;
Third, aluminum-magnesium alloy sheet, is 5052 or higher level of aluminum processing, with high strength and hardness, rust and corrosion resistance can be very strong, can be used for ships and even aerospace occupation.
Finally, Cut Aluminum Sheet is also a metal material, in the daily use of the process also need to use a scientific approach to protection. Top spot, regular cleaning, on the appearance of the stains to use the appropriate water in addition to the removal of cleaning agents, the stains of the simple formation of corrosion deformation of the plate;
Second, the use of a professional spray coating on the appearance of the film coating, on the one hand to Cut Aluminum Sheet can form a barrier, useful to avoid corrosion, on the other hand is able to play the effect of landscaping decoration to help it very well Into the use of the environment side.
With the industry's growing demand for aluminum sheet, the plate itself is constantly carrying out the skills transformation, Cut Aluminum Sheet is the product of this transformation, it presents the traditional aluminum and other sheet gradually fade out of the mall, Because it has a lot of good features. However, any thing in the course of the use of corrosion and wear will be the case, is still in demand to strengthen the conservation and maintenance operations, to extend the service life.

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