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The Protective Layer Against The Surface Of The Aluminum Sheet
Sep 07, 2017

The protective layer against the surface of the Aluminum Sheet
Aluminum surface of the carrier film with corrosion resistance, aluminum products are known. So in many applications, no further processing is required
The Aluminum Sheet selected abrasive and polishing agent in the drum for grinding, production, processing, design, casting and other aluminum products. Give a child. Can be gradually smooth appearance. Polishing can make the appearance smooth and has a reflective ability, but the final effect depends on the level of the alloy and the hardness of the cast aluminum. Shot blasting can get no surface, the use of wire brush to obtain a smooth surface without Ze. Electroplating, painting and anode disposal and other disposal methods can improve the corrosion resistance, and make parts look beautiful.
A variety of chemical dip coating can be used to obtain decorative corrosion resistant coating. Aluminum can be further painted for aluminum. Can not paint. When it is desired to have abrasion resistance, the chemical treatment alone is not sufficient but can be used as a pretreatment before painting. The excess chemical solution on the outside can be rinsed with water, then the cloth is dry or dried naturally. If the Aluminum Sheet should be painted, it is necessary to complete as soon as possible and do not stain the Aluminum Sheet. With the appropriate primer, the Aluminum Sheet can also be easily enameled, painted and varnish as easily as other materials.
Aluminum products, through a lot of processes and steps, each process should pay attention to the details can not appear a little bit of fault, especially the appearance of aluminum brushing way, the appearance of aluminum products have a great impact on the quality.
To the oil to rust, there are parts from the mold must be fine sand cloth polishing and assorted files, has been used in the mold must also be completely removed the original coating. Conservative clean method has been unable to adapt to the current process, manual removal of low efficiency, mold wear serious. The use of sand blasting method, not only high efficiency, the adhesion of the paint is also a great help. The thermal insulation of the coating depends not only on the thickness of the coating but also on the porosity of the coating itself. The porosity of the coating is largely influenced by the application conditions and methods employed, since the level of formation of the voids in the coating is essentially determined by the evaporation rate of the outer surface of the mold cavity, and the mold temperature is higher When the coating between the high temperature and the carrier water will have a strong reflection, generally can get a lot of paint porosity, coating insulation performance will become more good, but because of the high mold temperature will cause The first is the preparation of the Aluminum Sheet before the brush is the appearance of the metal cavity wall appearance of the adhesion of the coating is very important to the new metal must be completely cleaned. The rebound makes it difficult for the coating to adhere to the cavity surface, resulting in a decrease in the adhesion and life of the coating to the mold. On the contrary, the lower temperature of the coating, although the coating life is higher, but this coating is more compact, poor insulation, and too low spraying temperature will make the coating uneven, the formation of patch-like.
   With the continuous development of China's economy, the market demand for aluminum is also growing. But the quality of aluminum there are still some defects, the production of no experience, the output of the aluminum are often brittle phenomenon, then this is what causes it, the following Xiaobian to tell you about the reasons, how to Change this phenomenon:
1, for the convergence caused by the poor convergence of the bar should be appropriate to increase the tendons and the outer surface, tendons and tendons at the convergence of the length, or increase the compression ratio to solve the aluminum die pressure changes can be changed by changing the straight section of the die Length to adjust the flow resistance; in the mold design stage can choose a different compression ratio to change the extrusion pressure, but must pay attention to the head compression ratio and the extruder screw to adapt to the compression ratio; can also change the formula, adjust the squeeze Out of the process parameters, increase the size of the porous plate to change the melt pressure.
2, Aluminum Sheet pressure is insufficient. The pressure at the die is directly determined by the compression ratio of the mold, in particular the length of the straight section of the mold. The compression ratio of the die is too small or the straight section is too short to cause the product to be not dense and affect the physical properties.
3, Aluminum Sheet die cross-section design is unreasonable, especially the distribution of the inner ribs and the interface angle of the treatment. This will lead to stress concentration phenomenon, the need to improve the design and elimination of the interface at the right angle and acute angle.

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