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The Factors That Affect The Quality Of Pattern Aluminum Sheet In Dyeing
Oct 09, 2017

What are the factors that affect the quality of the pattern Aluminum Sheet in dyeing?

The oxide film has a great influence on the quality of Aluminum Sheets. The oxide film refers to the thickness, porosity and transparency of the Aluminum Sheet in the process of production. The thickness of the film layer in the Aluminum Sheet is kept at 10um, and the porosity and transparency can be obtained.

Temperature of dyeing

The Aluminum Sheet is divided into cold dyeing and thermal dyeing in the process of dyeing. Using cold dyeing, it takes a long time, and the color uniformity is better in the process of dyeing. The time of thermal dyeing is short, but it is difficult to control the color during dyeing process. The temperature of the thermal dye is usually 10 to 60 ℃. If the temperature is too high in the process of dyeing, it will reduce the adsorption of the dye and easily lead to the surface of the Aluminum Sheet.

The influence of raw material of Aluminum Sheet

Usually we are in the process of high pure aluminum, aluminum magnesium, aluminum manganese alloy after anodization, the dyeing function is the best, can be dyed into a variety of colors. For the plate that contains silicon or copper, it can only be dyed dark and black in dyeing process.

Dye concentration

There is a certain connection between the concentration of the Aluminum Sheet and the dyeing, and if the Aluminum Sheet is dyed light, the concentration can be reduced a little, and the dye can be a little bit higher.

Usually produces more light color aluminum material with colour is 0.1 0.39 g/L, dye the light color of 1 g/L, with deep color for 3 to 5 g/L, with dense colour for 10 to 15 g/L, if the required concentration of dyeing is gao will cause uneven colors or will appear the phenomenon of floating color, in the process of cleaning and closing summary color easy to produce flow.

In order to strengthen its dyeing adsorption performance, it can use low concentration color for dyeing, dye can in order to make them uniform infiltrate the oxide film, so dyeing can be more harmonious and firm.

Pattern Aluminum Sheet after a deformation, its beautiful sex will fall and natural use effect also can't ensure that, in the daily use of people should take measures to prevent deformation occurs. The following jinan Aluminum Sheet manufacturer is aimed at the use of decorative pattern Aluminum Sheet to prevent deformation phenomenon.

Buy high quality Aluminum Sheet: in order to prevent deformation phenomenon occurring in a decorative pattern in the use of Aluminum Sheet, people should have to pay more attention to when buy, consideration should be through the brand and material, to ensure that the choice of Aluminum Sheet with good quality, the Aluminum Sheet was able to play the best effect in use, in use of deformation will be relatively low risk.

Manufacturers recommend the use of Aluminum Sheet control pressure: aluminium plate for decorative pattern, whether carrying or are supposed to control the pressure in the installation, the need to prevent stress occurs, otherwise it would be easy to lead to Aluminum Sheet deformation occurs, and severe can lead to broken phenomenon, and this is will affect the normal performance of the Aluminum Sheet.

Appear deformation pattern of Aluminum Sheet would reduce the use of performance, it is not able to meet the demand of people to use in the largest extent, which people should have to pay more attention to when using, jinan aluminum factory needs to take measures to prevent its deformation, for the deformation of the Aluminum Sheet is should be timely replacement.

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