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Periodic Inspection And Maintenance Of Aluminum Sheet Wall
Jun 21, 2017

Periodic inspection and maintenance of Aluminum Sheet wall
 Building curtain wall has a certain warranty period, usually 3 years, during this period, if not meet the quality requirements of the project contractor has the obligation to repair. But because of human damage and natural disasters, accidents caused by damage, not within the scope of the warranty. During the warranty period, the use unit shall conduct a comprehensive inspection with the curtain wall project contractor every year. After ten years of use, the anti-aging of the most unfavorable location of the silicone structural adhesive adhesion test. Use a long time, in order to ensure the use of safety, we must pay attention to regular inspection and maintenance.

           Aluminum plate curtain wall of the regular inspection and maintenance: When found loose bolts should be tightened or welded, when found that the connection rust should be rust paint; when found aluminum hollow, blistering, uneven surface, pressure and spray layer damage, It shall be promptly repaired or replaced when it is found that the sealant and sealing strip are disengaged or damaged; if it is found that the curtain wall member and the connecting member are damaged or the anchors of the connecting member and the main structure are loosened or disengaged, To take measures to strengthen the repair; when the hardware is off, damaged or dysfunction, should be replaced and repair; Aluminum Sheet wall when typhoons, earthquakes, fires and other natural disasters, the post-disaster Aluminum Sheet wall should be a comprehensive inspection, and depending on the degree of damage Repair and reinforcement.
 How to judge the quality of aluminum grade? When buying aluminum, the user should learn to judge the merits of aluminum. Want to judge it is necessary to know what kind of aluminum plate grade, the only way to buy a good quality, good technology aluminum, then in the purchase process, we should use what kind of approach to judge it?

          We have to look at the material of aluminum. If the aluminum material is not good, the quality can not be guaranteed, with such materials processed into aluminum, grade will be very low, so, depends on the material. General aluminum manufacturers are more common aluminum materials are ordinary aluminum profiles, aluminum-magnesium alloy profiles, aluminum and manganese alloy profiles three, from the hardness up, the above three materials in turn decreasing.

  And then look at the aluminum surface treatment. There are many kinds of surface treatment methods, including spraying, roller coating, film, paint four methods, from here to be able to determine the grade. Coating can basically guarantee the stability of 10 years without the effect of color, paint treatment of aluminum material in the service life is relatively short, in the surface treatment will have color, roller coating aluminum color uniform and smooth, not prone to fade, discoloration of the situation , But strictly subject to the specifications of the machine and material specifications, spray aluminum can guarantee 20 years does not fade.

         Aluminum plate products, from several aspects can be judged, the user can choose according to their needs grade, of course, the aluminum production process is also very important, the production process is poor aluminum, will directly affect the service life , So choose the aluminum plate to carefully selected, choose good quality products, choose a good supplier to ensure a good experience.

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