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Perforated Aluminum Sheet Market Prospects
Jul 26, 2017

Perforated Aluminum Sheet market prospects
Perforated Aluminum Sheet is one of five products on behalf of the aluminum plate, belonging to the high magnesium alloy, with anti-rust performance, high hardness, widely used in equipment appearance, abrasive stamping and other fields.

Due to the domestic hot rolling line before the domestic only a few manufacturers to produce Perforated Aluminum Sheet, of which the southwest of Chongqing, led by aluminum, Perforated Aluminum Sheet production and sales have been in short supply, long-term in the market champion. But there are also high prices, long delivery and other unfavorable factors, so Perforated Aluminum Sheet market has not yet fully developed. Subsequently, Henan 1 +4 hot-rolled production line officially put into operation, breaking the monopoly of the Southwest aluminum market situation, the Perforated Aluminum Sheet plate to the output of foot, affordable, fast delivery and other advantages, quickly gained market recognition, after 2004 Of the decade, created the industry myth, but also for the new product development Mingtai brought new business opportunities.

In recent years, with the rapid development of domestic aluminum industry, aluminum processing industry competition intensified, aluminum products, market demand was saturated, coupled with international and domestic market weakness, some aluminum mills in order to gain a place in the market, starting from the price of vicious Competition, led by the giant to the south, in the industry first hit the four words at the beginning of the processing fee, followed by the north to Wanda Aluminum, also led to the same, North and South aluminum prices war intensified. The first half of 2015, the market even appeared at the beginning of the three words processing fees. Perforated Aluminum Sheet from the peak period of the beginning of the word processing fees, interpretation of today's three words at the beginning of the processing fee, could not help but let the business surprise, can not help customers questioned: Perforated Aluminum Sheet cost in the end is how much, there is no room?

Today, and other manufacturers of Perforated Aluminum Sheet plate despite the market pressure, prices also fell, but at least at the beginning of the four-word processing fees to ensure high quality supply. But the comprehensive point of view, the North and South manufacturers of the war, making a lot of aluminum prices unprofitable, in the market downturn today, we do not want to invest hundreds of millions of equipment to stop production or idle, as long as the machine turned up, at least equipment depreciation, Interest will not be too deep; in turn, Perforated Aluminum Sheet to the beginning of the processing fee, has been approaching or holding the cost of aluminum, if this then go down, many companies will be implicated and dragged, the final domestic aluminum Enterprise development has a negative impact.

In addition, the other 5 series of aluminum, such as 5052,5754,5083,5182, etc., in addition to the impact of specific industries, but also because of Perforated Aluminum Sheet vicious competition, the price decline. Ultimately, the domestic aluminum manufacturers cause inevitable damage.

More serious is that some small-scale manufacturers, but also to participate in this "vigorous" price war, this business is low cost, low price, quality and after-sales service is difficult to guarantee, but by virtue of the impact of the price, The domestic 5 series aluminum plate market was "foul", affected by the other domestic aluminum alloy, ultra-thick long board, vehicle fuel tank material, ship plate and so on with the decline, the market offer vary widely, product quality is good and bad.
The price of Perforated Aluminum Sheet and the price of the current 1,3-line hot-rolled material has been flat, the price of 1,3-series in this war has not been much affected, if the market and then go on, Perforated Aluminum Sheet to go from here? Than the Perforated Aluminum Sheet low-end ordinary aluminum how to stand, had to worry about the industry.

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