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Perforated Aluminum Sheet Maintenance
Sep 18, 2017

Perforated Aluminum Sheet maintenance
We put a size of the Perforated Aluminum Sheet is called Perforated Aluminum Sheet, Perforated Aluminum Sheet in the furniture, construction, aerospace and other major areas are playing a great role in the type of Perforated Aluminum Sheet is very much, according to the product needs to choose not the type. Today, we are mainly to learn about the maintenance and maintenance of Perforated Aluminum Sheet.The first step is to use a lot of water to rinse the surface of Perforated Aluminum Sheet, washed out some of the basic surface of the garbage. The second step is to detergent in the water And then use a soft cloth to dilute the detergent after the outer part of the Perforated Aluminum Sheet to wipe the third step is to continue to rinse with water to ensure that the surface of the dirt are washed away and then check the board, the more difficult Pay attention to the place and then wipe, to determine all the places are wiped after the last rinse again, all the detergent are rinsing clean process is very convenient, but in the rinse we have to pay attention to a lot of things, For example, in the Perforated Aluminum Sheet plate has just been used in a warm state when it is not cleaning, the trap manufacturers told us that the Perforated Aluminum Sheet moisture is too fast to lead Surface paint damage.
Perforated Aluminum Sheet plate is made of aluminum ingots rolled into a plate, with alloy Perforated Aluminum Sheet and pure Perforated Aluminum Sheet, but also the thickness of the Perforated Aluminum Sheet plate, the use is also very wide, we are most commonly used in the decoration of the ceiling, furniture cabinets also Will be used, then in the home decoration for its quality is certainly to be protected, and other Perforated Aluminum Sheet for kitchenware can be easy to clean, keep the kitchen health, Perforated Aluminum Sheet cleaning is actually relatively simple, the surface of the board with water Rinse, the surface of some of the dust washed away, and then the basin of water diluted with detergent, with a soft texture of the Perforated Aluminum Sheet plate to wipe, wipe the water after the board with the stolen goods washed away, check Whether there is a clean place, if there is cleaning with a detergent, wipe in the water with the board rinse until the board of the detergent all washed and the other for the hot plate should not be cleaned, because the board Surface is baked, if the board is hot in the case of washing is not conducive to the board of the paint in the cleaning process, pay attention to the selection of appropriate detergent, should not use strong alkaline washing Agents, detergents can choose some paint will neutral plate surface. Strongly basic cause wear.
We will ensure that the material storage process does not affect its use effect, we generally choose a suitable storage environment, today we are talking about the use of a larger material is Perforated Aluminum Sheet, because its demand is relatively large So many businesses will buy a lot of storage in the warehouse, so do not worry about out of stock.But if you buy back the Perforated Aluminum Sheet plate in the middle of the storage of a good environment will make the Perforated Aluminum Sheet deformation or discoloration, serious corrosion will occur Affect the use of Perforated Aluminum Sheet effect.Then we should pay attention to the storage of its storage environment, the temperature can not be too wet can not be too dry, the temperature should be appropriate, dry and humidity should be moderate, so that it will not be affected by the wet it In addition, the Perforated Aluminum Sheet plate must be used to store the Perforated Aluminum Sheet plate and the ground, and can not be directly connected with the ground, if directly on the ground, then the following Perforated Aluminum Sheet plate will be due to the wet surface and oxidation, and It is easy to scratch the following Perforated Aluminum Sheet plate.Using wooden brackets can not only isolate the wet surface but also can play a ventilation effect, the first Three if the user to buy back first do not worry to open the packaging, the first Perforated Aluminum Sheet stored in the ventilation, placed about 3 days before opening, so as not to affect the use.

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