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Perforated Aluminum Sheet Bending At The Crack To See What Treatment
Aug 07, 2017

Perforated Aluminum Sheet bending at the crack to see what treatment
Everyone's opinion:
1, Perforated Aluminum Sheet heel cracking, aluminum is poor quality. If it is a few, to return to re-processing, if it is a large number of phenomena, all perforated aluminum should be returned, or other perforated aluminum over time will be cracks, encountered typhoon blowing.
2, material problems. Perforated aluminum material failure.
3, the thickness of perforated aluminum can not meet the requirements
4, aluminum veneer can be welded, may not be cheap.
5, first find out the reasons, in determining the approach.
6, or return, is the whole side of the crack is the rescue method is to use angle aluminum and structural adhesive reinforcement treatment, as well as perforated aluminum flap at the corners of the corner there will be broken, which is the inevitable process of broken mouth, the mouth is welding Aluminum, or with a small aluminum and sticky on the line.
7, should be a plastic or replaced to put.
8, with glue + paint can be resolved
9, if it is a small crack, you can use the plaster repair, and then from the manufacturer color can be sprayed at room temperature paint, finishing treatment. If it is a common phenomenon, only to return to the factory, welding, paint.
10, the construction of low temperature coupled with the core layer is not clinker
11, Perforated Aluminum Sheet slotted too deep.
12, if it is aluminum-plastic plate in addition to ensuring the quality of aluminum-plastic plate, but also pay attention to control the depth of the digging process, and the level of operation of the workers.
13, which is the quality of the manufacturers, directly returned to manufacturers, and claims the loss of working and other related losses!
14, you can wear gray glue.
15, cracking is not safe, it is recommended to replace.
16, Perforated Aluminum Sheet folding generally to slot, such as aluminum-plastic plate cracking, then what is the quality of your aluminum-plastic plate, but off
17, feeling is a quality problem, defective
18, if the aluminum plate cracks, should consider the material and delivery status.
19, perforated aluminum substrate not! In general, only the weld may be the phenomenon of fracture, the general bend is not possible!
20, hit the plastic is not the effect of small, small cracking, you can try, big words, can only be replaced
21, if it is aluminum-plastic plate, you can play the structure of adhesive, and other plastic curing, with the same color paint treatment, it should be no problem, this is no way things, the price does not go, only this
22, aluminum-plastic plate bending, even if not the best crack has to strengthen the angle of aluminum. Otherwise the typhoon will let the perforated aluminum fly.
23, the purchase of aluminum material thickness is how much. The Did not meet the requirements, if it is cut corners that can only blame themselves. If not looking for manufacturers to account.
Perforated aluminum bending process of the note
1. The hardness of perforated aluminum.
Perforated Aluminum Sheet hardness is too high, it is easy to break. This requires the choice of aluminum, mainly to see aluminum grades and status. General 1 series, 3 series, 5 series of more commonly used; 6 series, 7 series of hardness is too high, do first annealing to O state after the bend. There is the quality of perforated aluminum, the same type of perforated aluminum imports than the domestic material is not easy to crack, but the price of the material is expensive a lot.
2. The thickness of the Perforated Aluminum Sheet.
Too thick Perforated Aluminum Sheet is not a good bend, we would like to understand, try to use a little thin perforated aluminum.
3. Bend the size of the R corner.
Bending the greater the R angle, the higher the success rate, so try to adjust the larger corner R corner.
4. Perforated Aluminum Sheet direction.
Bend direction should be perpendicular to the direction of Perforated Aluminum Sheet lines, not parallel.
5. Need to draw the perforated aluminum parts, in the case of the case is best to bend and then pull, otherwise it will increase the probability of bending fracture.

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