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Into The Raw Aluminum Sheet World You Must Understand These
Jun 13, 2017

Into the Raw Aluminum Sheet world you must understand these
As a new aluminum market into the spot market, do you need to have those knowledge and ability? The Raw Aluminum Sheet manufacturers for the novice finishing some of the original price of the Raw Aluminum Sheet plate factors, hoping to help everyone.
The Impact of Supply and Demand
When the supply and demand of the Raw Aluminum Sheet market balance, the Raw Aluminum Sheet prices will fluctuate in a narrow range; when the imbalance between supply and demand, aluminum prices will fluctuate significantly.
On the market, an important indicator of supply and demand is inventory. Inventory is divided into report inventory and non-reporting inventory, reporting inventory, also known as "dominant inventory", is the futures exchange on a regular basis to publish its designated delivery warehouse inventory of the Raw Aluminum Sheet. Non-reporting stocks mainly refer to the number of aluminum held by manufacturers, traders and consumers in the world, and these stocks are also referred to as "hidden stocks" because of the fact that these stocks are not marketed and released by specialized agencies, The The increase in social demand for the Raw Aluminum Sheet sheet will lead to a decline in the reported inventory of aluminum, and vice versa.
Oxidation of the original supply of aluminum
The cost of the Raw Aluminum Sheet plate is about 28% to 34% of the cost of the aluminum ingot. Therefore, the supply quantity and price of the raw aluminum plate will directly affect the price of the aluminum ingot.
Electricity price
Electrolytic aluminum industry is a power-intensive industry, the demand for energy - electricity is very large, therefore, countries in the development of electrolytic aluminum industry, we must carefully consider the energy - power sustainable supply capacity. Power factor not only affects the production of electrolytic aluminum in China, but also affect the domestic and international aluminum market prices.
The impact of changes in the application of the Raw Aluminum Sheet
Automobile manufacturing, construction, wire and cable industries such as the use of aluminum changes and industrial restructuring, will be the Raw Aluminum Sheet production and market prices have a great impact.
Import and export policies and exchange rates
Due to the rapid growth of domestic aluminum ingot production capacity, making the supply of aluminum oxide on the one hand tight supply, on the other hand the macroeconomic environment determines the demand for aluminum in recent years can not have too fast growth, which to some extent will be more Is conducive to promoting the export of domestic aluminum ingots. However, the domestic aluminum ingot production and energy consumption, high cost, restricting the development of China's aluminum ingot industry, therefore, each year still need to import a certain amount of aluminum to meet domestic demand, and China's aluminum import and export tariff adjustment will affect the domestic Aluminum price.
International mainstream of the Raw Aluminum Sheet transactions are denominated in US dollars, as one of the major import and export commodities, trade rates on both sides of the exchange rate changes significantly.
The Influence of the Improvement and Innovation of the Production Process of the Raw Aluminum Sheet Plate on the Aluminum Price
With the rapid application of computer technology in the aluminum electrolysis industry, the deep research of the physical field in the electrolysis process and the establishment of the relevant mathematical model have led to the design of the electrolytic cell more reasonable and the capacity of the electrolytic tank has increased greatly. Now the world's largest production capacity of electrolytic aluminum industry has reached more than 400KA, per ton of the Raw Aluminum Sheet plate DC power consumption of China's advanced technology has been reduced to 11819 degrees. It is foreseeable that with the large-capacity high-performance intelligent aluminum electrolysis technology popularization and widespread use, the Raw Aluminum Sheet production costs will continue to decline.
Listen to the Raw Aluminum Sheet manufacturers for your explanation, whether to let your eyes suddenly see the knowledge, will let you in the Raw Aluminum Sheet market in the spot more handy, like a duck in the water. If you are interested in our products, be sure to contact us yo.

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