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How To Recognize The Quality Of The Cut Aluminum Sheet
Jul 14, 2017

How to recognize the quality of the Cut Aluminum Sheet

The Cut Aluminum Sheet is divided into raw aluminum and cooked aluminum, and the raw aluminum is 98 % aluminum, which is brittle and hard, and can only be cast in sand casting products. Ripe aluminum is more than 98% aluminum, the nature is soft, can be rolled over or rolled a variety of vessels.

1, chemical composition, doped with a lot of noise in the product of aluminium, aluminium scrap aluminum plate cutting cost greatly reduced, but can lead to building cutting aluminum chemical composition is unqualified, seriously endanger the construction engineering safety.

2. The low quality Cut Aluminum Sheet greatly reduces the sealing time, reduces the chemical reagent loss, and the cost is reduced, but the corrosion resistance of the profile material is greatly reduced.

3. Thin oxide film thickness. The national standard stipulates that the oxide film thickness of aluminum plate shall not be less than 10um (micron). The thickness is not enough, the surface of the Cut Aluminum Sheet is corroded and corroded. Some of the proletarian names, site, production license, and qualified Cut Aluminum Sheets in the sampling, the oxide film thickness is only 2 to 4um, some even without the oxide film. According to the expert estimate, every decrease of the oxide film thickness of 1um can reduce the cost of electricity consumption by more than 150 yuan.

4. Chemical composition is unqualified. A large number of aluminum and aluminum Cut Aluminum Sheets can greatly reduce the cost, but can lead to the failure of the chemical composition of the aluminum plate of the building, which seriously endangers the safety of the construction project.

Unqualified Cut Aluminum Sheet, use when the influence of air, rain, sunshine, cause Cut Aluminum Sheet deformation, even cause glass to break, fall off and so on phenomenon.

If the purchase of the Cut Aluminum Sheet needs to be stored for a few days, how to reasonably deposit the Cut Aluminum Sheet during this period should avoid the problem due to unreasonable storage:

1. In the process of transportation, the Cut Aluminum Sheet must be covered with cloth to prevent the invasion of rain and snow. The storage environment of the Cut Aluminum Sheet should be dry and bright, well ventilated and free of corrosive climate. Meanwhile, it should be strictly protected from rain, water and snow. When the aluminum plate is in storage, the bottom of the aluminum plate must be separated from the ground, and the ground distance is greater than 10CM. It is strictly forbidden to store chemicals and wet materials.

2, try to cut sheets stored in the warehouse, even if conditions do not allow pairs in the outdoor environment also need to use protection, avoid because of the rain, wet cutting aluminum surface oxidation causes white patches.

One, for the transport of the Cut Aluminum Sheet, it must be strictly forbidden to pull, extract, etc., which can easily cause damage to the layout or scratch. Try to lift the four sides of the aluminum alloy plate at the same time, so that the plate can not be damaged easily.

2. During the placement of the aluminum cutting board, it must be careful not to put together with any chemical or humid materials so as to cause corrosion.

Three, cutting aluminum alloy during the process of transportation, should choose accord with a standard cloth to cover it, so that you can avoid the invasion of the rain or snow, cause product surface by different degrees of damage.

4. For the long-term environment of aluminum alloy Cut Aluminum Sheet, it is necessary to keep dry and ventilated with bright and non-corrosive environmental conditions so as to maintain the performance and quality of the Cut Aluminum Sheet.

5. For the storage space of aluminum alloy Cut Aluminum Sheet, it also needs to be cleaned regularly, so that the excess dust and debris can not be attached to the surface of the Cut Aluminum Sheet for a long time.

We are here to make a small suggestion that we should put some insulating material in place when we put it in place and isolate the alloy Cut Aluminum Sheet from the ground. It is usually kept at a distance of about ten centimetres, which makes the Cut Aluminum Sheet not subject to moisture on the ground, thus maintaining quality and performance.

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