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How To Identify The Material Of Perforated Aluminum Sheet Is Good Or Bad
Sep 07, 2017

How to identify the material of Perforated Aluminum Sheet is good or bad
           Perforated Aluminum Sheet is divided into raw aluminum and cooked aluminum, aluminum is less than 98% of aluminum, the nature of more brittle, can only sand casting products; cooked aluminum is more than 98% of the aluminum, the nature of soft, rolling or rolling a variety of containers The
1, the chemical composition of unqualified, mixed with a large number of products in the aluminum, aluminum Perforated Aluminum Sheet plate greatly reduced the cost, but will lead to building Perforated Aluminum Sheet chemical composition failed, seriously endangering the safety of construction.
2, poor quality Perforated Aluminum Sheet plate to reduce the closure time, reducing the loss of chemical reagents, the cost down, but the profile corrosion resistance is also greatly reduced.
3, the thickness of the oxide film is thin. National standards for building Perforated Aluminum Sheet oxide film thickness should be not less than 10um (microns). Thickness is not enough, Perforated Aluminum Sheet surface corrosion, corrosion. Sampling some of the no name, site, production license, certificate of Perforated Aluminum Sheet, the oxide film thickness of only 2 to 4um, and some even no oxide film. According to experts estimate the reduction of 1um oxide film thickness per ton of profiles can reduce the cost of electricity costs more than 150 yuan.
4, chemical composition failed. The incorporation of a large amount of aluminum, aluminum Perforated Aluminum Sheet can greatly reduce the cost, but will lead to building Perforated Aluminum Sheet chemical composition failed, seriously endangering the safety of construction.
Unqualified Perforated Aluminum Sheet, the use of air, rain, sunlight and other effects, resulting in Perforated Aluminum Sheet deformation, and even cause the glass rupture, shedding and so on.
   In the actual process, for the Perforated Aluminum Sheet anodizing, more, can be used in daily life, that the characteristics of this process, so that aluminum surface to produce a hard protective layer can be used for the production of kitchen utensils and other daily necessities. But the casting of aluminum anodic oxidation effect is not good, the surface is not good, but also only black. Perforated Aluminum Sheet profile is better.
Over the past decade, China's aluminum oxide coloring technology has developed rapidly, many factories have adopted a new technology, and in the actual production has accumulated rich experience. Has been mature and is the development of aluminum and its alloy anodizing process many, according to the actual production needs, from which to select the appropriate process.
In the selection of oxidation process, the aluminum or Perforated Aluminum Sheet material to understand the situation, because the quality of the material quality, the different components, will directly affect the quality of aluminum products after anodizing. On this point, Comrade Hong Jiude and Comrade Fan Jizhi have been devoted to it (see Electroplating and Finishing, 1982, Issue 2, P.27). For example, if the surface of aluminum, such as bubbles, scratches, from the skin, rough and other defects, after anodizing, all flaws will still be revealed. The alloy composition, the anodized surface appearance after oxidation, also have a direct impact. For example, with 1 ~ 2% manganese Perforated Aluminum Sheet plate, after oxidation was brown blue, with the aluminum content of manganese increased, the oxidation of the surface color from brown to dark brown conversion. Containing 0.6 ~ 1.5% of the Perforated Aluminum Sheet plate, after oxidation was gray, silicon 3 to 6%, was white gray. Zinc containing milky color, chrome-containing golden to gray uneven tone, nickel-containing pale yellow. In general, only magnesium and titanium containing more than 5% of the aluminum content, after oxidation can be colorless and transparent and bright, smooth appearance.
  If the purchase of Perforated Aluminum Sheet plate need to store a few days, how in this period of time reasonable storage Perforated Aluminum Sheet, to avoid the unreasonable storage problems:
1, Perforated Aluminum Sheet in the transport process, must be covered with cloth, prevent rain, snow intrusion. Perforated Aluminum Sheet storage environment should be dry, bright, well ventilated, no corrosive climate, and should be strict weather, water, snow intrusion. Perforated Aluminum Sheet plate in the storage, the bottom must be separated from the ground with a pad wood, to maintain the distance with the ground more than 10CM. It is strictly forbidden to store with chemical materials and moisture materials.
2, as far as possible the Perforated Aluminum Sheet plate stored in the warehouse, if the conditions are not allowed, even if the outdoor environment also need to use rain protection, to avoid the rain, wet causes the Perforated Aluminum Sheet surface oxidation white spots.

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