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How To Choose To Meet The Architectural Design Of The Aluminum Sheet Wall
Aug 07, 2017

How to choose to meet the architectural design of the Aluminum Sheet wall
    The Aluminum Sheet wall is made of the most excellent ultra-high strength Aluminum Sheet, mainly composed of three combinations, namely panel, stiffener and corner code, the three constitute a solid and indivisible whole, so both To ensure that the original strength and rigidity of aluminum, but also to be able to achieve stability and seismic capacity. The usual Aluminum Sheet wall is now finished at the factory. Therefore, it is not necessary to cut the work at the construction site. It is not only the time of saving, but also the direct installation. It is only necessary to make a simple fixation to reach the demand of construction. The And if there is a need for noise protection, it is necessary to install the soundproofing equipment required for the proper installation of the inside of the Aluminum Sheet. In the course of the installation, attention should be paid to the connection with the Aluminum Sheet wall and the proper handling operation.
    It is also because of the characteristics of the raw material of the Aluminum Sheet wall, to ensure the hardness together, but also to ensure the weight, relative to other metal materials, the curtain wall is relatively simple. With the chemical properties of aluminum, with a strong corrosion resistance, to ensure the sustainable use of the curtain wall, and will not be easily stained infection, because the appearance of the Aluminum Sheet wall, usually add a layer of fluorine coating film, stains are not easy to attach , More convenient to clean, adhere to the lasting clean and clean, this paint there is an advantage is not prematurely faded, confirmed by inspection to ensure that about 25 years of color.
Anti-slip Aluminum Sheet General purpose for aluminum and aluminum alloy rolling plate production. There are generally as we used to the water pipes, gas pipes are made by electric heating. Of course, you can also put the same type of profiles together for comparison, of course, if the color is too obvious the best not to buy. Pipe straightening is the most appropriate choice. 5052 Aluminum Sheet
    Aluminum conductive thermal function after silver, copper, gold. According to the experience of the literature [3], a variety of organic compounds (hydroquinone, formaldehyde, ascorbic acid, citric acid) and inorganic compounds (compounds of cerium and vanadium) were prepared according to the characteristics of the process. 08B, the non-chaos agent has a strong reduction, the department can be reduced to Sn4 + Sn4 +. Powder coatings and coatings began in the late 1930s. In addition, the scientific research staff at home and abroad use theoretical analysis, physical simulation and numerical simulation and other methods, the extrusion of aluminum extrusion process, stress field and temperature field distribution and changes, friction and lubrication title titles such as a lot of analysis and experiment , And according to its research results on the extrusion die was optimized.
 Aluminum-magnesium Aluminum Sheet main production elements include the most is aluminum, by adding a small amount of magnesium and other metal materials to strengthen its hardness. Because the Aluminum Sheet itself is the reason for the metal, so the thermal conductivity of aluminum is relatively prominent. So aluminum-magnesium alloy Aluminum Sheet with a low density, good heat dissipation, strong resistance to a variety of characteristics, the hardness of aluminum is several times the traditional plastic machinery, the weight is much lighter than the former. Said so much, aluminum manufacturers on the basis of the above characteristics of the product, said aluminum magnesium alloy Aluminum Sheet their own advantages and disadvantages.
Aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum has five advantages:
First, die-casting production efficiency than aluminum, metal mold casting higher than aluminum 300-500K
Second, the melting cost of aluminum only 2/3
Third, the magnesium casting surface quality and appearance is better than Aluminum Sheet
Four, magnesium chess angle can be very small, and the surface shape is good
Fifth, the mold life is 2 times the aluminum

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