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How Is The Perforated Aluminum Sheet Oxidized
Jul 14, 2017

How is the Perforated Aluminum Sheet oxidized

In the real process, in view of the anodic oxidation of Perforated Aluminum Sheet alloy, is more, can be used in daily life, thought that the characteristics of the process, make produce hard protective layer on the surface of the Perforated Aluminum Sheet, can be used in the production of kitchen utensils and appliances and other daily necessities. However, the anodizing effect of casting Perforated Aluminum Sheet is not good, the surface is not good, it can only be black. The Perforated Aluminum Sheet alloy profile should be better.

In the past ten years, the technology of Perforated Aluminum Sheet oxidation in our country has been developing rapidly, and many factories have adopted new technology and accumulated rich experience in actual production. There are many methods of Perforated Aluminum Sheet and alloy anodizing process that are ripe and developing. The proper process can be selected according to the actual production needs.

Before selecting oxidation process, deal with Perforated Aluminum Sheet or Perforated Aluminum Sheet alloy material circumstance to understand somewhat, because, the good and bad of material quality, the content of the different ingredients, will directly affect the quality of the Perforated Aluminum Sheet anodic oxidation after. On this point, comrade hong jiu and fan ji have been devoted to the discussion (see "electroplating and finishing", 1982, P. 27). For example, if the surface of Perforated Aluminum Sheet is such as bubble, scratch, peeling, rough and other defects, after anodizing, all defects will still be revealed. And the alloy composition has a direct effect on the surface appearance after anodizing. For example, the Perforated Aluminum Sheet alloy with 1 ~ 2% manganese, which is brown and blue after oxidation, increases with the amount of manganese in Perforated Aluminum Sheet, and the surface color of oxidation is changed from brown and blue to dark brown. Perforated Aluminum Sheet alloy with 0.6%-1.5% of silicon is grey in grey and 3-6% in silica. The milky color of zinc, the chrome-containing color of yellow to grey color, the nickel is yellowish. In general, only magnesium and Perforated Aluminum Sheet containing more than 5% of the Perforated Aluminum Sheet contain gold, and after oxidation, it can be colorless and transparent and bright and clean.

With the continuous development of China's economy, the demand for perforated Perforated Aluminum Sheet plates is increasing. But the quality of the perforated Perforated Aluminum Sheet plate also has certain defects, production experience, production of perforated Perforated Aluminum Sheet plate tend to have the phenomenon of brittle, so this is what causes, below small make up to tell you something about the causes, and how to change this phenomenon:

1, Perforated Aluminum Sheet due to shunt bar is usually caused by poor convergence performance should be appropriately increased muscle and outside surface, reinforcement and reinforced the confluence of the length, or increase the compression ratios, the change of the die head pressure can change the die head straight length to adjust the material flow resistance; Different compression ratios can be selected to change the extrusion pressure in the mould design stage, but the compression ratio of the machine head should be adjusted to the compression ratio of the extruder. The melt pressure can be changed by changing the formula, adjusting the extrusion process parameters and adding the porous plate.

2. Perforated Aluminum Sheet Insufficient pressure of die head. The pressure size of the die is determined directly by the compression ratio of the die, especially the length of the flat length of the die. The compression ratio of die head is too small or too short, which can result in the incompact product and affect the physical properties.

3. Perforated Aluminum Sheet The design of the die section is unreasonable, especially the distribution of the internal tendon and the treatment of the interface Angle. This can result in stress concentration phenomenon, which needs to improve the design and eliminate the right Angle and acute Angle at the interface.

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