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Five Surface Treatment Methods For Cut Aluminum Sheet
Aug 16, 2017

Five surface treatment methods for Cut Aluminum Sheet
What are the five external treatments for Cut Aluminum Sheet Xiaobian below for us to introduce
Cut Aluminum Sheet panels are now widely used in the construction industry, especially for building materials. So the beauty of Cut Aluminum Sheet is more and more attention. So now more manufacturers are more concerned about the appearance of Cut Aluminum Sheet plate beautiful treatment.
1. Electrophoretic paint
This treatment is now the most used in Japan, through this treatment, the appearance of Cut Aluminum Sheet sheet showing lubrication side, corrosion resistance will be enhanced.
2. Powder electrostatic spraying
The main feature is to enhance the corrosion resistance of Cut Aluminum Sheet plate, on some acid and alkali salt, this Cut Aluminum Sheet sheet is better than the oxidation of the profile.
3. Scrub fabric
Its own striped Cut Aluminum Sheet is very bright, but in our lives in a certain environment will show disturbing bright spot, the use of frost can be a good customer service this defect, its appearance like silk silky, by a lot of The love of the people
4. Multi-color appearance processing
Once the traditional color of the Cut Aluminum Sheet is not satisfied with the needs of some designers, and in order to make the use of Cut Aluminum Sheet better cooperation, it presents a variety of color processing, so that the color of Cut Aluminum Sheet plate becomes more perfect, the most important That is the demand is through the polishing after the treatment of oxidation, the effect is the best.
5. Plasma-enhanced electrochemical appearance of ceramic
This is the use of advanced science and technology. Through this treatment of Cut Aluminum Sheet excellent quality, despite the higher cost, but a penny goods. The most important thing is that this Cut Aluminum Sheet plate can also be a series of chromatography.
What are the precautions for Cut Aluminum Sheet In our lives, Cut Aluminum Sheet plate more and more, Cut Aluminum Sheet more for the decoration industry, we can see the use of Cut Aluminum Sheet more and more widely. As more and more consumers began to pay close attention to such products, so that its related information has aroused great concern. Especially for Cut Aluminum Sheet in the decoration of the curtain wall process should pay attention to matters, it is to attract the attention of many users. Here we invited a professional, for us to explain briefly.
As the Cut Aluminum Sheet market has a very wide variety, resulting in the quality of Cut Aluminum Sheet plate different. So in the choice of time, it should be from the material and the standard to meet the requirements of Cut Aluminum Sheet curtain wall. In addition, for the curtain wall deformation after the relevant recovery capacity also need to be considered. And consider the Cut Aluminum Sheet plate in the force of the time, there will be no deformation of the situation. For the selection of Cut Aluminum Sheet, on the ups and downs on the connection is also very important. For different Cut Aluminum Sheet, there may be different fixation. So be sure to choose a suitable type of Cut Aluminum Sheet plate fixed approach.
This can help you prevent the plate due to uneven force, resulting in the deformation of the panel, further affecting the formation of the entire curtain wall surface, concave convex convex problem. Cut Aluminum Sheet the use of aluminum is also more and more widely, the above is that we use Cut Aluminum Sheet when some of the precautions.

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