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Fireproof Performance Of Perforated Aluminum Sheet
Jun 21, 2017

Fireproof performance of Perforated Aluminum Sheet
 Perforated Aluminum Sheet is now the main product on the curtain wall market, because of its rich colors and perfect performance much owners love, then its fire performance how?

 Perforated Aluminum Sheet fire performance is very good, its fire rating is A2 level. Perforated Aluminum Sheet products are mainly made of AA1100H24 and AA3003H24 and other high-quality aluminum alloy sheet processing. AA1100H24 is the highest content of 99.9% of pure aluminum, and AA3003H24 aluminum content is 97% plus% 3 of the manganese element. Aluminum melting point is 660.4 ℃, while the additional manganese metal melting point up to 1245 ℃, which greatly enhanced the strength of the board structure and fire performance, the product surface of the fluorocarbon paint is high temperature materials, melting up to 380 ℃. Second, in the Perforated Aluminum Sheet or aluminum curtain wall interlayer can also be placed in the middle of the fireproof material, the whole to achieve [building materials and products burning performance grading] GB8624-2006 A2 level.

  A description of the fire rating. A-class, completely incombustible building materials; A1 level, non-combustible, can not afford to fire; A2 level, non-flammable, a small amount of smoke. B1 level, the material has a flame retardant effect, case of fire or in the high temperature is difficult to fire, the fire is removed, the burning immediately stop; B2, flammable building materials, there is a certain flame retardant, case of fire or high temperature will immediately Fire burning; B3 level, easy to burn, fire a great danger.

  Therefore, as a decorative use of Perforated Aluminum Sheet fire performance close to perfect, enough to meet the public demand for fire safety. It is because of the perfect performance of all aspects of Perforated Aluminum Sheet, its application is more and more widely, I believe that after the Perforated Aluminum Sheet will be in the building decoration materials industry has more market, occupy a higher status.
 Perforated Aluminum Sheet is a new type of building decoration materials, many colors, good performance, more and more widely used. Perforated Aluminum Sheet is a Perforated Aluminum Sheet, in the application of life are more. Here we understand the advantages and disadvantages of Perforated Aluminum Sheet and use, to facilitate the use of it in life
 Perforated Aluminum Sheet, is a common Perforated Aluminum Sheet plate in the fluorocarbon coating in accordance with customer requirements and engineering conditions, the use of a variety of numerical control equipment in the processing of various shapes of perforation, and finally formed by the fluorocarbon perforated Perforated Aluminum Sheet. As a kind of Perforated Aluminum Sheet products, it is personalized, stylish, and easy to shape a strong atmosphere of art atmosphere. It has many advantages.
          Perforated Aluminum Sheet plate in addition to the advantages of ordinary Perforated Aluminum Sheet, there are a variety of perforations, so its texture relative to other types of Perforated Aluminum Sheet plate lighter quality; it is not only handsome in appearance, but also with high temperature, corrosion resistance, The advantages of moisture; perforation can help the building exhaust, as well as sound-absorbing effect; a variety of holes and different arrangement, so that its handsome appearance, decorative effect is very good.

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