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Easy To Get Cold-rolled Aluminum Sheet And Hot-rolled Aluminum Sheet Plate Difference Method
Jun 13, 2017

Easy to get cold-rolled Aluminum Sheet and hot-rolled Aluminum Sheet plate difference method
In the Aluminum Sheet procurement process, for the different needs of the type of Aluminum Sheet, materials, technology has different requirements, especially cold-rolled Aluminum Sheet and hot-rolled Aluminum Sheet plate distinction, identification, has a pivotal role. Aluminum Sheet industry, many types of Aluminum Sheet, according to the different production processes, Aluminum Sheet can be divided into cold-rolled Aluminum Sheet and hot-rolled Aluminum Sheet. Cold-rolled Aluminum Sheet and hot-rolled Aluminum Sheet plate are as follows:
Method 1: the production process is different: cold rolling is a casting machine into a casting roll (8mm thickness) through the cold rolling mill processing, and hot rolling is an Aluminum Sheet ingot (400-500mm thickness) heating, at high temperatures Rolled by a hot rolling mill;
Method 2: the supply of raw materials is different: the difference between the two in the blank supply is not the same, hot-rolled billets are casting Aluminum Sheet ingots - heating - rolling into the volume for cold rolling, cold rolled billet is the casting and rolling - cold rolling ;
Method three: performance is different: hot-rolled Aluminum Sheet plate surface quality is good, while the mechanical properties and ductility performance is strong, the oxidation effect is good, while processing Aluminum Sheet discs are generally processed from Aluminum Sheet, naturally also affected by the performance of Aluminum Sheet;
Method four: use different: cold-rolled Aluminum Sheet used for mold, hot-rolled Aluminum Sheet plate for stamping stretch.
Through the above four methods, you can easily distinguish between cold-rolled Aluminum Sheet and hot-rolled Aluminum Sheet, Aluminum Sheet plate selection requires professional knowledge, Aluminum Sheet procurement more need to choose a professional manufacturer, if you are interested in our Aluminum Sheet products, sincerely look forward to your Visit and visit.
Aluminum Sheet surface degreasing and chemical treatment, the roller quality coating, dry curing from. The flatness of the surface of the film is higher than that of the spray coating. Color on the pearl and matte, the market is mostly pearlescent. Its price is higher than the spray. Roller coating is the biggest feature is the color of the simulation is extremely high; roll coating process is very different grades, in addition to all the materials related to, there is it with several times it is related to color, such as two Tu two roll, That is, once the spray is baked once, and then spray and then bake, so the color is even more smooth, and good roll plate prices are also very expensive, color realistic, persistent strong.
Imported fluorocarbon roll is also a kind of roller, that is, in the pigment with fluorocarbon, making the color more adhesion, greater life, acid and alkali corrosion, often used in the building of the external decoration (not afraid of the wind Blowing rain), the price is very high cost, is the most high-end roll of a plate.

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