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Discussion On Metal Roofing Target
Oct 12, 2016

Metal roofing's goal is to keep water on the use of space effects and damage to the structure, there are two basic ways to achieve this goal: a is constructed of waterproof; second, waterproof material. So-called structure waterproof is relies on structure means, will water grooming return to outside, actually is a permanent of processing way, belongs to active waterproof, reached nature of water and human space Zhijian of symbiosis coexistence; so-called material waterproof, is relies on waterproof material of hate water, will water blocking in outside, actually is completely rely on Yu waterproof material of a processing, belongs to passive waterproof of way, dang waterproof material lost waterproof capacity of Shi, is waterproof of eventually term, Pure metal aluminum self-adhered waterproofing material can be said to be a temporary solution.

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