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Daily Care Of The Raw Aluminum Sheet Precautions
Sep 07, 2017

Daily care of the Raw Aluminum Sheet precautions
      Pattern embossed the Raw Aluminum Sheet plate as a new type of sheet by the market is widely welcomed. The Raw Aluminum Sheet plate not only in some factories, warehouses have a lot of applications, but also in the home decoration is also favored by many people. The Raw Aluminum Sheet color, light structure, bright surface, in the home improvement process is very dazzling. Then we usually in the nursing home in the Raw Aluminum Sheet when we have to pay attention to what matters:
1, in the process of cleaning the Raw Aluminum Sheet, we should pay attention from the top to bottom, from the outside to the order of the Raw Aluminum Sheet plate to clean up, clean the order must be in accordance with the provisions of the order, otherwise the Raw Aluminum Sheet may cause a certain hurt.
2, because the chemical properties of aluminum products is not stable, so we should pay attention to the process of cleaning the use of neutral cleaning agent, to avoid the use of acidic or alkaline strong cleaning agent, so as not to cause damage to the Raw Aluminum Sheet. Before cleaning the Raw Aluminum Sheet plate, we can use the cleaning agent and aluminum products together to see if the Raw Aluminum Sheet plate will change the chemical properties, and then decide whether to use this cleaning agent.
3, in the Raw Aluminum Sheet cleaning process, we should pay attention to the choice of cleaning materials, not the use of excessive strength of the tools, such as steel balls and other items. We are the best choice when cleaning the standard rail-type standard window machine.
4, after the Raw Aluminum Sheet plate is cleaned, we'd better ventilate the room. Because if the aluminum products for a long time in a wet state, aluminum surface will be possible to give birth to an aluminum oxide film. Aluminum oxide film is a non-smooth product, leading to aluminum surface is not smooth, aluminum color is not bright, the impact of the Raw Aluminum Sheet.
The Raw Aluminum Sheet plate in the industry, the application of more life, can be treated on the surface play a decorative, protective effect, in addition to the Raw Aluminum Sheet after surface treatment has a good conductive, thermal, wear resistance, the majority of customers recognized. What is the method of surface treatment of the Raw Aluminum Sheet? The Raw Aluminum Sheet plate chemical conversion film treatment, so that metal and a specific contact with the etching solution, under certain conditions, the metal surface of the outer surface of the atomic nucleus corrosion solution of ions in the metal surface will form a layer of good adhesion of the film. Chemical conversion method can remove the metal surface of the natural formation of the oxide film, in the surface to form a layer of corrosive oxide film.
In addition, the more common anodic oxidation method, aluminum as an anode, placed in sulfuric acid and other electrolytes, the application of anodic voltage for electrolysis, which will form a dense aluminum oxide film. This layer of oxide film consists of a dense barrier layer and a columnar structure of the porous layer composed of two-layer structure, oxide film performance determined by the membrane pore density.
The Raw Aluminum Sheet plate in the aluminum anodic oxidation, to choose the appropriate method to reduce the dissolution rate of the film, you can get thicker and more dense oxide film. Common methods are low temperature and low temperature sulfuric acid concentration conditions, the oxide film resistance is large, in the oxidation process will produce a lot of special bright, so the DC oxidation current can not be too large.
In the actual process, for the Raw Aluminum Sheet anodizing, more, can be used in daily life, that the characteristics of this process, so that aluminum surface to produce a hard protective layer can be used for the production of kitchen utensils and other daily necessities. But the casting of aluminum anodic oxidation effect is not good, the surface is not good, but also only black. The Raw Aluminum Sheet profile is better.
Over the past decade, China's aluminum oxide coloring technology has developed rapidly, many factories have adopted a new technology, and in the actual production has accumulated rich experience. Has been mature and is the development of aluminum and its alloy anodizing process many, according to the actual production needs, from which to select the appropriate process.
In the selection of oxidation process, the aluminum or the Raw Aluminum Sheet material to understand the situation, because the quality of the material quality, the different components, will directly affect the quality of aluminum products after anodizing. On this point, Comrade Hong Jiude and Comrade Fan Jizhi have been devoted to it (see Electroplating and Finishing, 1982, Issue 2, P.27).

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