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Cut Aluminum Sheet Daily Maintenance Skill
Jul 06, 2017

Cut Aluminum Sheet daily maintenance skill

First of all, only clean and proper can ensure the long-term work of the Cut Aluminum Sheet. The surface of the Cut Aluminum Sheet should be flushed with plenty of water; Second, use soft cloth and diluted detergent to gently scrub the layout, then avoid detergents remaining; Finally, carefully check the surface of the Cut Aluminum Sheet, and apply detergent to the key cleaning of the stubborn stain. The maintenance of the Cut Aluminum Sheet is for better long-term use. Only with the combination of maintenance and maintenance, can the Cut Aluminum Sheet products have a new luster.

In order to make the Cut Aluminum Sheet can be very good to use in life, we often demand for cutting aluminum sand surface disposal, the sand surface disposal there are several ways to do, take Shanghai aluminum plate cut to cover for everyone.

1. Sand blasting method: sand or river sand.

2. Brush sand method: round copper wire scroll.below the conveyor belt, the Cut Aluminum Sheet can be used to get the sand surface as it moves forward and left.

3. Grinding method: using the same abrasive Cut Aluminum Sheet with offset printing machine, it is only needed to continuously add water to wash it, so it can get a detailed and glossy sand surface effect.

4. Chemical sand surface disposal: there are special chemical sand surface treatment agents, which can be treated by chemical treatment, and the aluminum plate can be cut into aluminum plate, and the aluminum plate can be cut and even.

The description of the disposal of aluminum slabs appears to be brief, but to be able to do well and to be able to handle it quickly and well, then the need for further improvement of skill is needed

Because in Cut Aluminum Sheet with the production process, equipment or personnel error prone to quality problems such as reasons, here in Shanghai lu union aluminium summarized below on the common quality problems and hope the production department can attach importance to this problem.

Oil is a common quality problems: pollution is refers to the rolling aluminium tip surface with oil after the too much. And bring the excess oil, other than the rolling oil film in the process of cutting production and finished goods inspection visible surface with oil. These oil mainly by roll neck or mill on exports, bottom left, splash, dripping on the box, and the abnormal, rolling mill, Cut Aluminum Sheet rolling mill roller clearer thickness head drops of oil, and often complex than dirty.

This oil pollution will bring great harm to the surface of the aluminum rollers. First, because most of the finished aluminum coil products are decorative or packing materials, there must be a clean surface. The second is its thickness, which is easy to form in the subsequent annealing, and is affected by the excessive amount of oil in the area. The oil pollution defect is an important index to evaluate the quality of aluminum foil.

Solution: strict inspection equipment before production, if once found in the device too much oil to wash and timely find the reasons, Cut Aluminum Sheet at the same time to board face cleaning products processing, if wash not to drop products do scrap processing, oil product storage and flow into the market is prohibited.

Scratch is a regular feature of quality problems: scratching, bruising, and bruising are the intermittent or continuous appearance of the cutting aluminum sheet. It is usually produced when the sharp object is sliding relative to the surface of the foil.

The main reasons are: roller, guide roller surface have sharp defect, or stick to have hard sundry; Cut Aluminum Sheet Shear, coiling, cutting mechanical guide roller, guide road has pointed defect or dry and debris. Abrasion: a scar on the surface of a box that is caused by a relative slip or dislocation due to the interfacing of an object or the surface of the surface or the surface.

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