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Oct 12, 2016

Aluminum Board, and aluminum volume, material has is broad of consumption market, benefit Yu aluminum skin excellent of performance, many industry are will aluminum skin as traditional metal of alternative products, especially recently years, aluminum skin of production, and sales are growth rapid, huge of opportunities attract has countless gold rush who of joined, so various XX aluminum industry everywhere, which many is no strength, and no qualification of. They turned to the Internet to facilitate misled customers, selling products with customers. So, so many manufacturers in the aluminum skin, it should be how to choose formal, rest assured that the manufacturers? Jinan Golden aluminum aluminum co year-round supply of aluminum products series are: 1-series, 2 series, 3 series, 5 series, 6-series and 8-series. Products are widely used in electrical, thermal, mechanical manufacturing, automotive, electronics, aerospace, military, tooling, construction, printing and other industries.

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