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2017 Perforated Aluminum Sheet Company Four Major Development Direction
Jun 28, 2017

2017 Perforated Aluminum Sheet company four major development direction
 With the accelerated pace of reform and opening up, China's rapid development of Perforated Aluminum Sheet company, although the late start, but the rapid development of a higher level, the future will usher in a vigorous development. Then we come to predict the future development of Perforated Aluminum Sheet company four directions:

Direction 1: policy to promote the development of Perforated Aluminum Sheet industry. With the development of urbanization, 40 trillion yuan investment demand increases, will directly lead to infrastructure, real estate, transportation and other systems development, and then pull the market demand for Perforated Aluminum Sheet.

Direction two: green Perforated Aluminum Sheet industry chain is the road to sustainable development. Real estate, construction enterprises, Perforated Aluminum Sheet production enterprises gradually realize the importance of green building materials, more and more enterprises to join the research and development, production, design, application of green building materials to the team.

Direction 3: Perforated Aluminum Sheet companies began to integrate resources into the integrated business model. Part of the enterprise has begun to build a set of product design, research and development, manufacturing, brand, sales and service in one of the new business model, so that all kinds of aluminum veneer products, services and brand organic integration.

The direction of four: Perforated Aluminum Sheet industry, the era of large data marketing era. With the development of the Internet, the industry's data can be intuitive through data analysis. Perforated Aluminum Sheet enterprises through the electricity business platform for large data analysis, so that data to guide decision-making and marketing.

Perforated Aluminum Sheet plate light, corrosion resistance, high strength, good fire performance, long life, to meet a variety of complex cross-section of the various functions, is difficult to replace the general material, and its unique performance has been recognized by the world.
Green environmental protection is the primary requirement for people to decorate, so the first problem in the design process is the need to ensure the health of the users of the building wall aluminum veneer. In the design process need to use a variety of advanced technology and energy-saving materials, in the specific design work used as much as possible to ensure that the price is reasonable, no bad chemical composition. The design of the aluminum veneer in the construction curtain wall, the need for a wide range of factors to consider, to grasp the design of the key points, select energy-saving environmental protection construction materials, the use of advanced technology and technology to ensure that the overall design level, Curtain wall aluminum veneer industry sustainable development.

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