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National strategies on the aluminium generation Actinium l cable industry or era
Oct 12, 2016

The "two sessions" period, Zhang Sixia, Chairman of Shandong Qingdao hanhe cable Group calls for power cables with aluminum in place of copper rose as a national strategy, saying the move is of great significance, marking the concept of using aluminum in place of copper, and talk of the cable industry. All along, the conductivity of copper with an unparalleled dominance, while Al plays an alternate role. In recent years, cable increased copper content, the current domestic annual cable industry consumption of copper has more than 5 million tons, more than 60%. Due to the relative lack of copper resources in China, copper prices higher. Therefore, "to the aluminium generation Actinium" become hot in the industry in recent years, aluminum has been more recognized, particularly in the cable industry.

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