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Heat treatment of aluminum profile Extrusion die
Oct 12, 2016

1. high temperature section warming speed to fast, insulation time not had long, case extrusion mold produced had burn or overheating, overheating-grain coarse, had burn-low melting point elements and inclusion produced dissolved; 2. aluminum profile extrusion mold quenching Hou to timely tempered, case produced crack; 3. aluminum profile extrusion mold heat treatment Hou found hardness enough or hardness not uniform Shi, should for annealing, by process again for heat treatment (Dang hardness value 4. Large aluminum Extrusion die or complex cavity production mold you should increase the time to stress tempering (Elimination of electro-machining, machining stresses, that is elimination of thermal stress and stress); 5. quenching oil temperature 100 ° c, to ensure that the quenching effects.

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