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Classification of aluminum profile
Oct 12, 2016

1, and building with aluminum profile building aluminum profile main including doors and Windows aluminum profile and curtain wall aluminum profile; 2, and radiator aluminum profile main should for various power electronic equipment thermal, and LED lighting lamps thermal, and and the computer digital products of thermal,. 3, and industrial aluminum profile general industrial aluminum profile is refers to: main for industrial production manufacturing with of, as automation mechanical equipment, and seal cover of skeleton and the company according to himself of mechanical equipment requirements custom open die, like line conveying with, and upgrade machine, and points rubber machine, and detection equipment, and shelf and so on , Electronic machinery and dust-free rooms. 4, automotive parts and aluminium profiles are mainly used for automotive parts, connectors, and so on. 5 furniture, aluminum furniture is mainly used for decorative boxes, chairs and tables support 6, solar PV profiles include: solar aluminium border, solar PV mounting systems, solar photovoltaic tiles fasteners.

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