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Aluminum welding preparation
Oct 12, 2016

1, and welding Qian cleanup aluminum profile welding Shi, welding Qian should strictly clear artifacts welding and the wire surface of oxidation film and oil; 2, and set pad: aluminum profile in high temperature Shi strength is low, liquid aluminum of flow performance good, in welding Shi weld metal easy produced Xia collapsed phenomenon. to guarantee welding through and and not collapse, welding often used pad to supporting live melt pool and the near metal. pad can used graphite Board, and stainless steel Board, and carbon pigment plate, and copper or copper rod,. pad surface open a round arc slot, to guarantee weld opposite forming. 3, and Preheating before welding: a thin, small aluminum without preheating, thickness 10MM~15mm preheating before welding can be carried out, depending on the type of preheating temperature 100 ℃ to 200℃ for aluminum, used oxy-acetylene flame, furnace or torch heated. preheating welding reduce distortion, can reduce defects such as pores.

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