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Perforated Aluminum Sheet Ceiling

1000 series, 3000series aluminum alloy material:high performance aluminum panel metal works machine.


1.Perforated aluminum ceiling sheet features:

1000 series, 3000series aluminum alloy material:

high performance aluminum panel metal works machine.

fully welding at gap

carefully budget for tender projects

detail care for purchase manager

2.Metal works of aluminum perforated ceiling quality control:

3.After Sale Service including quality guaranty and products manual:

Quality Guaranty Clause

Janzu Aluminum Industry(Tianjin)Co., Ltd takes responsibility and offer guaranty within 60 days but exception clauses.

Guaranty Contents:

Shape fault: obvious fluctuation includes Radom pit; edge bend breaks; angle of folding break.

Assemble fault: welding line crack, glue crack, honeycomb panel glue crack, insulation material’s peeling off, components falloff.

Package: product package break, wrong package mark, fail to meet special package requirements.

Color: wrong color, obvious color difference, wrong material, less layer thickness, scratched layer

Sn number: wrong serials number, number different from drawing.

Scale of guaranty:

Within content as guaranty contents, Janzu Aluminum Industry(Tianjin) Co.,Ltd will firstly repair the products free; if cannot repair any more, will replace the broken ones.

Exception clauses: any break of the products after receipt (domestic receive at project construction site, abroad customer refer to the FOB clause) caused by following clauses should not get free repair from Janzu Aluminum Industry(Tianjin) Co.,Ltd.

Not do as direct manual offered by janzu include stocking, transporting, installment, maintenance.

Deliberately damage, malicious damage.

Irresistible force. Such as fire, earth quake.

Do not buy or import as national low requires at buyer’s.

Without period of guaranty.

4.Perforated aluminum sheet ceiling in project effect:

5.Metal work and factory capacity show:

perforated ceiling sheet machine and facility:

6.Advanced Aluminum perforated aluminum sheet: perforated mashrabiya for middle east customer:

This kind of perforated sheet can be used at window screen or ceiling. With a beautiful pattern.

Janzu Aluminum is a professional factory, with 8 years’ golden supplier:

Perforated panel, aluminum perforate ceiling panel manufacturer with top aluminum process line:

cutting+ folding/punching/perforating +welding+ polishing+ coating, this is a sequence of aluminum process method. by this kind of method, a single aluminum panel 2-4mm, will come to a panel used at wall covering. the style can be perforated pattern.

JANZU is China’s leading manufacture of aluminum panels for the building envelope and interior decoration, with more than 7 years’ experience in tailor-made high-quality project solutions. We can produce the composite claddings, curtain walls and ceiling according to customer's requirements for color, pattern, thickness, dimension, material, shapes and structures etc. from curtain wall concept design, curtain wall submittal drawings and curtain wall fabrication drawings our expertise can enhance curtain wall performance and optimize value for our clients.


CE approved interior design ceiling aluminum panel

1.Features: light but rigidity and consistency;

2.Good plasticity, easy fix;

3.easy installation and uninstallation;

4.good appearance;    

Products aluminum ceiling panel:

Aluminum ceiling panel line:

Note: for customized pattern perforation, aluminum punching machine need a new mode die, this will cost little money.

Aluminum ceiling panel decoration effect project show: KZ Almaty subway station

Haerbin east station China:

Janzu supply over 20,000 square meter aluminum ceiling panel to each project,

Welcome to email us, we always offer good solution and best price!

We welcome you to email us, on aluminum metal works decoration projects.

Jinzhu Aluminum Industrial, one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of various high quality aluminum products, now bring you the famous brand perforated aluminum sheet ceiling at competitive price. We can offer you mature solution and also deal with customized business. Welcome to check the quotation with us.

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