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Customized Pattern Cnc Machine Cut Aluminum Sheet

Aluminum CNC cut panel is made of aluminum sheet by series of processing method: cutting, perforation, drilling, polishing, painting, testing and packaging.


1.Products description:

Aluminum CNC cut panel is made of aluminum sheet by series of processing method: cutting, perforation, drilling, polishing, painting, testing and packaging.Its Special pattern and complex process requiring the equipment must be quite sophisticate with a high efficiency. During last decade, all this comes to a simple step: saving money for customer and ourselves by just send the CAD work to factory directly!

According to customer's requirements we develop CAD aluminum cut panel programs to create a unique sample in small size like A4 pater size, easy for sample shipping. Sample generally free. The products are used for building lobbies, airports, railway stations, major public facilities, stadiums, national characteristics, such as high-grade building construction.

2.Customized pattern cnc machine cut aluminum sheet decoration effect: 

3.Features of aluminum cnc cut sheet:

(1). Good rigidity and torsion strength;

(2). Rich color and excellent decorative effect;

(3). Great performance in water proof, fireproof, rot proof, anti-chemical corrosion and weather resistance;

(4). Light, durable and superior surface flatness;

(5). Good plasticity and easy to install;

(6). Thickness: 2.0-4.0mm, or according to the buyer's requirements;

(7). Coating: fluorocarbon (PVDF) 15 years’ warranty

4.Test report of customized CNC machine cut aluminum sheet





Appearance quality

No flow lines, no streaks, no blisters, no foreign substance, no other surface imperfections


Film thickness

Average: 48umMin. 41um


Dry-fil hardness



Gloss value

Gloss value: 34.2~39.1; Average: 37.2


Impact resistance

50kg·m, no removal of film from substrate


Abrasion resistance



Film adhesion

Drying adhesion

Grade 0

Wet adhesion

Grade 0

Boiling water adhesion

Grade 0


Chemical resistance

Hydrochloric acid resistance

No change

Nitric acid resistance

No changes such as blistering etc.Δ E=0.75

Mortar resistance

No change

Solvent resistance

No base exposed


Salt spray resistance (4000h)

Grade 1


Humidity resistance

Grade 1


Artificial weathering (4000)

Colour retention


Gloss retention



Grade 0

5.Aluminum pattern cut machine: CNC cut machine

6.quality control of cut aluminum sheet:

Customized pattern cnc machine cut aluminum sheet can be used at wall decoration, sun shade, window screen. For indoor use, we suggest 2.0-2.5mm thick, for outdoor use we suggest 3.0mm thick We believe only good service and quality can reach a long run business relationship.

7.Factory detail: Janzu is a professional manufacturer of Aluminum cut sheet. Janzu has been in top supplier for more than 8 years. Each year, janzu offer more than 400,000SQM aluminum curtain wall products including CNC cut aluminum sheet.

We have many projects oversea, now, we launch new products-Aluminum dome, and aluminum mashrabiya, welcome to ask for quotation!

Jinzhu Aluminum Industrial, one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of various high quality aluminum products, now bring you the famous brand customized pattern cnc machine cut aluminum sheet at competitive price. We can offer you mature solution and also deal with customized business. Welcome to check the quotation with us.

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