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Prefabricated Aluminum Church Dome

Janzu Aluminum is a global trading company also major at manufacturing aluminum façade products. The only office located in Tianjin for oversea buyer service.


Janzu Aluminum is a global trading company also major at manufacturing aluminum façade products. The only office located in Tianjin for oversea buyer service.

The aluminum church dome is used for roofing of church. Such kind of dome always used in north America.

This Aluminum dome with Function and features: light metal tile- near 20 kg each Square meter including the steel structure (or aluminum structures); heat insulation and ceiling inside. This kind of dome product can be attached fiber glass wool or other heat insulation material inside.

New features: with rib decoration style available. The photos are just a base, to which will be attached aluminum curved profile to make a certain decoration ribs. Contact us for more detail.

Aluminum dome market scale: In the world, most 30% of people may have known the church, and the church with a dome. Even the top decoration is different from each other, but the main body dome roof is nearly same. They have a 3D curved line.

We study the method of building domes. It once used glass fiber or stone, then we find some interesting things. Stone and fiber glass is either to heavy or too complex to use. It is unfriendly for fast construction. Some place using steel or Aluminum-mg-MN fast dome, but this kind of dome easily get corrosion. We find, only Pure aluminum church dome, can solve such problems perfectly.

A mosque style dome in Beijng, daxing District:

Church dome factory view:

Janzu aluminum dome is unique and stand out: 

1. 3 mm thick aluminum alloy panel to make dome tile.

2. Fast assemble structure tested before shipping out, easy to construct

3. Easy for later maintenance.

4. 20%-30% lower price.

5. Customize style.

When at the end of using life of a building, the aluminum dome can be easy to remove and recycle & reusing. It is Environment friendly!

Aluminum dome roof first to made tiles by a curved machine, we depart the whole dome to several parts, each part is a tile. cover an area from 1-2 Square meter, or within a size 2*2 meter.

Second, we assemble the dome and fix the problems may meet, make sure when shipped to customer, can be used. We attach a number on each tile.

Third, we disassembled the dome through the test, package the structure and tiles to customer.

We offer Engineer/technician service this service is charged. Some detail and we have success in design and calculation, test.

projects photos: click photo to see detail big scale: we did not cover the structure with heat insulation and ceiling, but we think customer have their own ideas for inside decoration.  by hanging ceiling or pattern, it can be very stable and luxury.




Prefabricated aluminum church dome with features:

1.using easy assemble structure and strong structures system, easy for customer to assemble and maintenance.

2.strong aluminum 3mm curved tile, with 15 years' guaranty PVDF coated color, no fading color.

3.professional guide manual and engineer working, even at preparation and tender stage.

4.Scientific structures calculation facing different environment, durable using life, save money at a long time.

5.A discount further more for a steady long cooperation partner.

6.Big company supply material, high quality comes first

Janzu aluminum has been in aluminum façade and related products for more than 10 years. Janzu become famous brand in Tianjin and Beijing so it become first choice for national level project, such as national museum and library. Janzu has exported to more than 20 different countries and offer more than 400,000SQM aluminum façade to the market.

High quality material with good price: Janzu set up its raw material factory of raw aluminum sheet/coil, and cooperate with several top suppliers for construction fire resistance board. Janzu aluminum rolled aluminum, cover products brand from 1100-5060 series. 

Advanced products line show: for manufacturing aluminum dome products and other related aluminum façade/curtain wall.

Janzu factory a corner, top supplier in China and world, 80,000SQM factory with more than 10 advanced products line.

Contact method: email to janzu via email tech@aluminumartworks.com and mobile phone whats up +8613810274000

Jinzhu Aluminum Industrial, one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of various high quality aluminum products, now bring you the famous brand prefabricated aluminum church dome at competitive price. We can offer you mature solution and also deal with customized business. Welcome to check the quotation with us.

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